Seriously Simple Web Design Element Tips

Simple Web Design Elements

Simple Web Design ElementsEach and every business is always trying its best to attract and keep visitors on their website. For your website to have a positive impact on your customers, you have to make sure you have a website that can make your visitors linger on your website.

This will attract more visitors to your website and widen the exposure of your website. For your website to be successful, you have to make sure the guest has a hassle free visit. A visitor will leave your website if they cannot find the information they are looking for easily.

This can negatively affect your business. There are some simple web design elements that can help you make your business website more attractive. These elements will increase your chances of having repeat visitors, and you can see some other ideas on our out post about landing page designs.

Web Design Elements

Smooth Navigation

Smooth navigation is one of the most important web design elements you always have to consider. Your visitor should be able to navigate your website without much effort. Your website should have a consistent flow to allow the visitor navigate freely. The navigation setup at the following example is pretty fluid for a site selling Candles.

Avoid any broken links on your website. Broken links waste your visitor’s time and cause a lot of confusion. The hyperlinks should be embedded and should stand out in the text. Make sure you regularly check your website for any broken links.

To ensure your website has an efficient navigation, you have to have a smooth transition from one page to another by using textual descriptions for the links. Another way to ensure you have a smooth navigation is by offering alternate (alt) text for all the images on your website.

Make sure you also use alternative text description methods for either Flash or JavaScript links. When organizing the navigation, stay on track and within the theme of the website.

If the navigation is easy, the website will appear more professional and organized. offers a great example of fluid navigation and a professional, organized feel. Customers like dealing with businesses having a professional approach. You have to keep your website simple and yet convey a big message.

Include A Search Box

A search box is also a very important element in web design. A search box can be defined as an archive for your website. A search box gives the visitor the chance to review information within the website without having to search endless pages.

This will make it easy for the visitor to find what they need. Always remember that simplicity is the key to the success of any website. The easier it is to use your site, then the higher the number of visitors.

Make The Registration Form Simple

Visitors do not want to fill an endless list of information to register for a site. They feel like this is time-consuming and taxing. Therefore, they may decide to look for another site with a simple registration form. Avoid unnecessary questions and entries in order to minimize the registration information.

Colors In Your Web Design

The colors for your website design that you use have to match with other graphics, like branding materials and your logo. The text area should also have a white background to make it easy for the visitor to read the text. The web design should flow with the colors.