Design Tips: Marketing Materials

Designing Real Estate Marketing Materials The Easy Way

Did you know that the type of advertising material that you use for your real estate company can have a large impact on how successful you are? There are some people that will print a flyer out without too much thought, and then will wonder why they have not been making very many sales. This material can come in many different forms such as printed flyers, business cards, and also the information that you provide on the web. In fact, so many more people are using the Internet to search for real estate, without a proper website to showcase all of the homes that you have listed, this can actually hurt your business. I noticed a trend when I was scouting locations of condos for sale in Naples Florida for our business office. The search presence there wasn’t the best. So I decided to write this article to help.

How To Properly Design Printed Materials

If you are doing business cards, you need to make sure that you are using a glossy stock, something that is used by professionals, or at least this is what is perceived by the general public. You should have an image of yourself and the top left-hand corner, and the logo of your company with your picture and contact information. When you are designing your flyer, you need to look at what other successful realtors are using and then mimic what they have done. You should never copied directly, but if they have found a flyer that seems to be helping them generate more leads, this is exactly what you will want to do as well.

Designing A Website

In the same way that you were able to create your business flyers based upon examples that have been provided by competitors in your area, you will also want to do the same with your website. Just as you probably do not have a lot of experience with designing flyers, and will use a professional to do this for you, the same is true when you are building a website from scratch or updating the one that you currently have. Although this will cost thousands of dollars in some cases, it is going to mean the difference between a significant amount of sales, or only making sales every now and then. You will need to compare the different website designers and company portfolios that may provide both printed and online material, allowing you to get everything done at a professional level.

Once you have your flyers and business cards, and you have your website online, you will then want to start marketing. This could be anything from placing ads in the classifieds in your local paper, to taking out PPC advertising campaigns, all of which will drive traffic to your company. If your goal is to start making more money this year than ever before, then you will want to use a professional service to help you out. It is the best way to build trust with potential customers that may purchase homes from you all because of the quality of your business cards, flyers and your website which will be done by a professional web and graphics designer operating in your area.