British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson quits as Brexit crisis deepens

“It’s all just falling apart again,” said May’s former adviser, Joey Jones — a remarkable assessment given that only 263 days remain until Britain leaves the bloc.

The E.U. has repeatedly warned Britain that time is running out to seal a divorce deal before March 29, 2019.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn told the House of Commons: “The agreement took two years to reach and just two days to unravel. How can she get good deal with the E.U. when she can’t even broker one within her own Cabinet?”

In his resignation letter, Davis said May’s policy is “weak” and predicted it would “lead to further demands for concessions” from the E.U.

Andrew Bridgen, another pro-Brexit lawmaker in May’s party, said her future would likely be decided at Monday’s meeting.

“What she needs to do is give up on her proposals,” he said. “There will be a robust exchange of views and my colleagues will make a decision then as to whether they will support the prime minister.”

Image: David DavisDavid Davis quit as Brexit secretary just minutes before midnight.ADRIAN DENNIS / AFP – Getty Images

A leadership challenge can be triggered if 15 percent of Conservative lawmakers demand it in a letter.

Robert Peston, political editor of NBC’s partner ITV News, reported that some had already done so.

Conservatives currently have 316 members of parliament, so 48 of those would need to join the rebellion.

However, former May aide Tom Swarbrick told NBC News that even Brexiteers would see removing the prime minister as a gamble too far. “Even if there is a leadership challenge, she is in a good position to fight it because there would probably not be enough members of parliament willing to replace her,” he said.

May’s health minister, Jeremy Hunt, called for unity, saying, “It’s now or never.”

Davis himself also avoided twisting the knife, describing May as a “good prime minister.”

Trump is also expected to meet Queen Elizabeth II before heading to his golf resort in Scotland and then to Helsinki where he will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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