American Airlines warns about fuel shortages around the country, asks pilots to conserve

American Airlines on Monday said it might have to add stops to certain flights because of fuel delivery delays at some midsize airports and asked pilots to conserve when possible, the latest headache during a surge in summer travel.

The carrier said airlines, including American, have experienced the supply shortages due to a lack of truck drivers, trucks and fuel supply.

“American Airlines station jet fuel delivery delays initially affected mostly western U.S. cities, but are now being reported at American stations across the country. Delivery delays are expected to continue through mid-August,” according to a company memo, which was reviewed by CNBC.

The airline said flights will carry additional fuel into airports affected by shortages, a procedure known as tankering or add fueling stops. American did not immediately respond to a request for comment about how many disruptions fuel supply issues have caused.

“As our country continues to face multiple challenges, let’s work together as a team to operate reliably, safely and as efficiently as possible,” the memo said.

A Delta Air Lines spokesman said the carrier has seen some fuel delay issues at some smaller Western airports but that it hasn’t had operational problems as a result. Southwest Airlines also hasn’t had any disruptions because of fuel issues, a spokesman said.

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